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Save Dogs From Distemper:
The Impossible Cure of Dr. Alson Sears

GalenWhen Galen came down with canine distemper in February 1997, Ed Bond and his wife, Amy, expected him to die. The couple had already lost two puppies to the disease in the past year. Even the few dogs who survive the initial infection live with debilitating seizures, paralysis and muscle control problems. But Dr. Alson Sears saved Galen from all that, and the Bond's dog returned from a two-day trip to Lancaster, California, completely cured and healthy.

Saving Galen changed Ed Bond's life, and he would gradually transform from skeptical journalist to outright advocate for Dr. Sears. He would learn how Dr. Sears discovered his cure in the early 1970s and was rebuffed at a veterinary conference, by major universities, veterinary journals and even by his fellow vets and classmates.

But in 2008, Ed hit on a new way to tell the world about Dr. Sears' discovery: through the power of social media. Through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, websites and blogs, dog owners heard about Sears' treatment, and a few brave vets used his protocols to save the lives of dogs. The social media campaign reached all over the U.S. and the world, saving dogs from California to Puerto Rico to Turkey to India to the Philippines and South Korea.

Many more allies would join the effort to see Dr. Sears' vindicated, allowing this retired veterinarian to have an impact on the world he never expected. Use the form below to signup to get updates about this project.

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